Why would I chose this over a conventional floor saw?

ER-GO-NOM-ICS / “The study of people’s efficiency in their working environments.”

  • The Skid Steer Saw eliminates much of the health hazards associated with convential walk behind saws such as back strain and silicosis exposure.
  • The increased mobility over rough terrain or even curbs is unmatched.
  • More horsepower and cutting capacity for less cost than a conventional floor saw.
  • Less maintenance and repair issues associated with today’s diesel floor saws.
Is it hard to cut a straight line?

No, almost all our customers have stated how simple it is to cut with our attachments. With a combination of a creeper mode and four heavy duty caster wheels it tracks straight and true.

Is it easy to damage a diamond blade?

There is no more risk of damaging a blade than there is associated with conventional sawing equipment. With the guidance of the four wheels and creeper mode, it make it simple to track straight.

Does this require a special blade?

No, unlike other manufactures that require you to use their blades. We use a standard 1″ arbor blade so you can use your existing supplier if needed. But with 30 years of concrete cutting experience, Cuts Inc. offer a superior selection of blades suited for your project from asphalt, concrete, stone, windmill blades, and even metal blades for cutting soft metals.

Does it require Hi-flow Skid Steer?

Our large saw attachments are rated for high horsepower and hi-flow for best performance. Low flow units can be accommodated with custom motors. Motors are matched to blade diameters to reach optimum blade rotation speed for best performance.

Do the blades require water?

Yes, diamond blades normally require water as a coolant which is applied through our guard system via the garden hose fitting atop the blade guard. An automatic water feed valve is available as an option controlling water on and off as blade is engaged. The customer supplies the water source either hose or tank on top the skid steer for gravity feed.

What diamond blade do I need and how long do they last?

Diamond blades are a science in itself with hundreds of combinations of diamond concentrations, metal bonds, and core types, but no worries we give you the first blade with your attachment purchase. With over 35 years of experience in the diamond sawing industry we can take the guess work out for you.

Cuts Inc. offers a selection of Pro-quality blades for every cuting situation whether it be asphalt, concrete, concrete with steel re-enforcing, or asphalt over concrete combination.

Unlike some other manufacturers that require a special arbor hole or pattern, ours is the standard 1″ hole with a drive pin hole allowing you to choose your diamond blade supplier. 

Your saw purchase will come with the right blade suited for your needs and most of our customers return time after time. Your blade life will be largely be determined by the type of material your cutting and operator experience. Call us for guidance when in doubt.