Management at Cuts Inc. have been in the concrete cutting industry for over 30 years.


The skid steer saw was designed by father and son Matt and Mathew Hephner for their concrete cutting and drilling company Cuts Inc. Known for developing custom tools to tackle the various requests they receive in the niche industry, the skid steer saw is the solution to many mobility and safety problems caused by typical flat saws in the field.

Matt moved from Michigan to Tennessee in 1989 where he built Cuts Inc from the ground up. His son Matthew grew up tinkering in the shop, creating new tools and gadgets, and officially joined the Cuts Inc team while still in high school. Together, they maintain a strong sense of entrepreneurship and ingenuity that drives them to be leaders in the concrete cutting industry. While locally owned and operated, Cuts Inc services customers all over the South East, handling anything from large commercial contracts to small residential jobs.

In addition to their creativity and professionalism, Matt and Matthew have gone to great lengths to maintain EMR ratings well below the industry average, and Cuts Inc has been labeled “low risk” by some of the nation’s largest employers and construction management firms. This focus on safety can be seen reflected in the skid steer saw, such as the enclosed metal housing, the blade braking system, and the very concept of a cab-controlled concrete saw.