Skid Steer Diamond Sawing Attachments

Power. Mobility. Safety

Cuts Inc. introduces the one-of-a-kind, industry-shaping skid steer saw.

This innovative new machine can be mastered in minutes, requires minimal maintenance, and operates in all terrains. Compatible with any diamond saw blade, it can cut depths from 10″ to 18″, and attachments for core drilling are available. Additionally, tests against some of the industry’s leading diesel flat saws prove the skid steer saw cuts faster and travels further, all while reducing risk of injury to the operator. Request a quote today!

The Equipment

Who We Are

Management at Cuts Inc. have been in the concrete cutting industry for over 30 years. Our innovative team is always looking for faster and safer ways to get the job done. The skidsteer saw was designed by father and son Matt and Matthew Hephner for their concrete cutting and drilling company Cuts Inc. Known for developing custom tools to tackle the various requests they receive in the niche industry, the skid steer saw is the solution to many mobility and safety problems caused by typical flat saws in the field.

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